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Welcome to Mythos Moon!

The GM of Mythos Moon has returned from her vacation thoroughly sunburnt and thoroughly rested. Send in those applications!

In another galaxy, on a world called Mythos, the Mythical Senshi battle against the genetically enchanced, dream snatching creations from Jigoku Labortories, to prevent the Apocalypse. Which cause will you join?

An orb appears before you, glowing with a radiant white light. The light pulses and a hollow, metallic sounding voice emanates from the orb. "Welcome, friend. Allow me to relate to you the some of the history of the world of Mythos...

Long ago, Mythos was ruled by ancient gods. The most powerful of these were the Muses; the nine beautiful sisters that were the inspiration of humanity and of the gods. The Muses were lead by Calliope, who inspired hope, and all nine sisters were hallowed throughout Mythos.

Acheron was the Sovreign of Woe and the Queen of the Underworld. She was envious of the revrence of the Muses and sought to destroy them. She plotted to steal the aspirations of all the mortal humans of Mythos so that the Muses would be left with no one to inspire and would wither and fade.

The Muses, being the source of all inspiration, knew that Acheron plotted to destroy them, and used all of their combined power to create in their names the Mystical Senshi and Elemental Knights who would protect Mythos against Acheron.

A fierce war was fought between the warriors of the Muses and the warriors of Acheron, but in the end good prevailed. Acheron was driven back into the Underworld.

Alas, it took all the strength of the Mystical Senshi, the Elemental Knights, and the nine Muses themselves to defeat Acheron. All of them left Mythos for the next life. But, before leaving, Melpomene, the muse of foresight, knowing that Acheron would not remain locked forever beneath the surface of Mythos, implored Calliope to send the Mystical Senshi and the Elemental Knights forward into the future, to be reborn and reawakened when Acheron once again cast a shadow over Mythos.

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