Mythos Moon: A Sailor Moon RPG
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Places in Mythos

Sunnygrove, CA

The planet of Mythos consists of 7 continents, much like Earth. The continent where the story will be taking place is much like North America, and in fact, is taken up by a country called the United States. Sunnygrove is a small, average town in the state of California. This is were all the Mystical Senshi and Elemental Knights life. It also contains the gateway between Mythos and the Underworld.

Sunnygrove Middle School - The Sunnygrove Middle School contains grades 6-8. It is a single story buidling full of classrooms and administration offices. On its south side there is a covered breezeway that leads to the gym, and on the east side is another covered breezeway that leads to a small, single room building where art is taught.

Sunnygrove Highschool - The Sunnygrove Highschool contains grades 9-12. It is a two story building. The first floor contains classrooms for english and foreign language, the second floor contains classrooms for math and science. There is a basement room where arts are taught. East of the highschool in another building there is a theater for music and drama, a dance studio for dance, and enough classrooms to teach all three. Behind the highschool, to the south, is the building that houses the gym and the swimming pool. Sunnygrove Highschool is famous for its swimming team, and its drama program.

Sunnygrove Park - Sunnygrove Park is a park in the middle of the town that houses a small kiosque of specialty boutiques and eateries. It is a favored gathering place for students at Sunnygrove Highschool and Middleschool.

Jigoku Labortories - Jigoku Labortories is Acheron's front for covering the gateway between Mythos and the Underworld. Jigoku Labortories is supposedly a research center for decoding and interpreting the human genome. In actuality, Acheron uses it to create genetically enchanced and mutated monstrosities to steal the dreams and aspirations of humans. It appears to be an office building, but is extremely difficult to infiltrate and should not be approached.