Mythos Moon: A Sailor Moon RPG
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So you want to join the Mythos Moon RPG?

First, you must submit an application to the email address at the bottom of this page. Here's what to include in the application:

Senshi/Knight/Villain Name:
Mythos Name:

The Senshi/Knight/Villain name is self explanatory, just pick one from the list. The Mythos Name, meaning the non-senshi/knight/villain name of your character, should have some significance to your character's inspiration (in the case of senshi), or element (for both senshi and knights), or power (name significance is optional for villains).

Astrological Sign:
Favorite Food:
Hated Food:
Favorite Subject:
Hated Subject:
Favorite Color: (if you're a senshi or knight, this is the main color of your uniform)

These are self-explanatory.


These help me get a feel for how your characer will fit into the game. Please, be original and specific. Likes and dislikes shape someone's personality. I don't want to see, "likes nice things" or "hates mean people". Hobbies should be something they like to do outside of fight or cause evil. And I better not see, "have fun" in the hobbies slot. That's so bland.

Special Strengths:
Trouble With:

Strengths should have something to do with your character's personaility. Are they outgoing? Always positive? Strengths are NOT extra powers. Troubles are also personality based. Is your character spoiled? Do they have poor personal hygeine? Troubles should also include fears and phobias. Be creative!


Your character's goal in life; their reason for living, other than to fight or cause evil. As I said, be original and specific.


What does your character look like when they're not fighting or causing evil? Be detailed!


Look at your character's likes, dislikes, strengths, and troubles and round out their personality a little more. Remember: If you make a character that's too difficult to get along with, you might get ignored in the game. To many loner characters that like to do everything themselves are boring.

Transformation Phrase: (for senshi and knights)
Transformation Sequence: (for senshi and knights)

These are self explanatory.


Describe your character's evil-fighting/evil-causing uniform. Senshi fuku should look something like the super sailor uniforms from the SM TV series, with a primary color and a secondary color. Knight uniforms and villain uniforms have no restrictions other than common decency.


Senshi and Knights are allowed to have two powers that have something to do with their element. The three basic power groups are: attack, defense, distraction. You are not allowed to have two powers in the same group. Attack powers should be weaker than the attacks of the original senshi. Also, if your character has a weapon that can be used physically, that counts as a power. Villains are allowed two "abilities" that have something to do with their genetic enhancement. For instance, if your genetic power is speed, maybe you have a defense called, "Fleet Foot", where you run away really really fast.


This is a different form of "Troubles." Basically, it's for senshi/knights who are completely dependent on their weapons to channel their power. Take away the weapon, they're just a teenager in a weird costume.


Tell me where your character comes from and why they are who they are. Be careful though. I don't want to see Sailor Pluto-like mysterious guardian characters that have an obscured past. I also don't want to see too many character that have troubled pasts. There are too many of those. If you write it well and it fits, I'll allow it. Minor family troubles are fine, I just don't want every character here to have been abused by their parents.

Writing Sample:

This is so I can judge your role-playing ability. It comes in two parts: 1) An example of your character in human form. At least three paragraphs long. 2) An example of your character in senshi/knight/villain form. At least three paragraphs long. The two parts can be related or completely separate. Just be creative and show me what you can do with your character. In fact, to make it easier, I'll give you some suggestions to write about where the two parts are related: How your character discovered they were a senshi; how your character discovered they were a knight; your villain's first attempt at stealing someone's dreams and aspirations.

Sailor Calliope is the leader of the Mystical Senshi and has a guardian dove named Hope. If you're applying for her, be sure to include this information. Other than Sailor Calliope and Sailor Urania, there will be no other guardian animals. Mundane pets are fine.

If your character is accepted, I will add their info to the appropriate list. This is just minimal information. If you want their whole bio to appear, you have to post it on a webpage and then email me the URL so I can link it to the name on the list. There's lots of free webpage builders out there, and I don't have the time to do it myself.