Mythos Moon: A Sailor Moon RPG
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1. No flames. No swearing. I'll tolerate the occaisonal "dammit", but if it gets excessive, I will be mad. And if you trash someone else's character, I will be mad also. Just because they took the character you wanted or you think their character is weird or you don't like their role playing style doesn't give you the right to say so publicly. This game is not a democracy, it's mine. If you have a problem with someone in the game, email me.

2. No godmoting. No character is invincible. Everyone gets hurt sometime. If you attack another character, you simply fire off your attack and wait for them to react. They decide if their character dodges or is damaged. There will be no killing of a character unless the owner of the character is okay with it, and I give it my blessing. It's all common curtsey people.

3. No hentai. This RPG is rated PG-13. I don't mind relationships between characters, but I don't want vivid descriptions of love scenes. All I want to see is, "The lights went off." I have an imagination. Also, it's okay for your character to like someone else's character without their permission, but if there is a relationship between the two characters, both owners must be okay with it. Just because someone's character is in love with your character does not mean they are in love with you. I don't want to hear about any kind of harassment or stalking outside of the game, or I will be very mad.

4. Use adjectives when you describe something. It doesn't have to be excessive and flowery, but a single adjective can make a post so much more interesting.

5. You are allowed one character. If you stay with the game awhile and I like your style, I might let you apply for another if any are available.