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Mythos Moon: A Sailor Moon RPG
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General Phlegethon

The Dark General of Balance

Villain Name: General Phlegethon
Power: Balance
Mythos Name: Jared Warren
Birthdate: March 25 (Aries)
Age: 18 (Senior at Sunnygrove Highschool)
Favorite Food: Grilled steak
Hated Food: Lettuce
Favorite Subject: WWII History
Hated Subject: AP French Language
Favorite Color: Black
Likes: WWII movies, manga, museums with ancient weapons
Dislikes: People who drive "too slow", American dubbed anime
Hobbies: Drawing manga, studying martial arts
Special Strengths: Jared is very good at strategizing since he has spent so much time studying WWII.
Trouble With: Jared couldn’t talk to a girl to save his life.
Dream: To be a curator in a museum

Personality: Jared is quiet most times but not altogether anti-social. He is passionate when it comes to his love of history and drawing. Jared desperately wants a girlfriend, but has no clue how to get along with women.

Appearance: Jared stands 6’3" with a lean, muscled build. His chestnut locks are shoulder length and are usually tied back in a hasty ponytail. His eyes are an unusual reddish-pink and his features are finely chiseled and proud. He dresses comfortably but smartly, usually wearing dark slacks and a nice shirt and coat with dark dress shoes. He never wears ties.

Uniform: General Phlegethon’s uniform consists of a black body suit made of plasticy-leather material. At about his left elbow there is a red patch in the uniform that forms a triangle pointing inwards. The triangle spans his arm and his abdomen. There is a complimenting triangle over his right knee. His boots are also black.

1. Acrobatics - Because of his genetic enhancements, General Phlegethon as an extraordinary sense of balance. This allows him to execute nearly impossible acrobatic feats to avoid danger.

2. Phlegethon Kick - This is General Phlegethon’s attack. It should be self explanatory.

Weaknesses: Jared is unsure of his role as villain and hesitates to hurt innocent people.

History: Jared Warren was created by Queen Acheron within the Jigoku Laboratories. He was raised by Acheron’s lab technicians and tutored privately until the 6th grade when he enrolled in Sunnygrove Middle School. It was not until the commencement of his senior year that Acheron informed him of his true purpose: to steal the dreams of the people of Mythos. Jared accepted this duty from Acheron, if reluctantly, and allowed the villain General Phlegethon to be awakened within him. Currently, Jared lives in a small apartment by himself. His weekly rent is paid by Jigoku Laboratories; however, he has a job behind the counter at a pastry shop in Sunnygrove Park.