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Mythos Moon: A Sailor Moon RPG
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The Story

Flash Forward to the Present

Acheron has finally broken the seal that kept her locked in the Underworld for 1,000 years. She is angry and vengeful and wishes to destroy Mythos to spite the now long gone Muses. Using her Dark Generals and Dark Warriors, she plans to steal the dreams and aspirations of all the mortal people of Earth. Once their dreams and aspirations are gone, they will have no reason left to life and will pass on to the next life, leaving her free to create her own kingdom of darkness.

Acheron's Dark Generals and Dark Warriors are wrecking havoc across Mythos, using their powers to pacify people while they steal their dreams and aspirations. The Mystical Senshi and Elemental Knights are awakening, one by one. They must band together and stop Acheron before all of Mythos is left lifeless.

Our story takes place two weeks into the school year.