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Mythos Moon: A Sailor Moon RPG
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Sailor Urania

Soldier of Compassion

Senshi Name: Sailor Urania
Element: Daydreams & Nightmares
Mythos Name: Vanessa Ainsling
Meaning: Vanessa - butterfly, Ainsling - dream/dreaming; "Butterfly Dreaming"
Birthdate: May 11 (Taurus)
Age: 17 (Senior at Sunnygrove Highschool)
Blood Type: O+
Family: Lives with both her parents, Harley and Sharon Ainsling; her 14-year-old brother, Jacob; her golden retriever, Rex.
Favorite Food: Sake sushi (salmon sushi)
Hated Food: Zuccini
Favorite Subject: Photojournalism
Hated Subject: AP Calculus
Favorite Color: Deep purple
Gemstone: Emerald
Likes: singing (though her voice isn't altogether easy on the ears...), dancing, laughing, luxury, creativity
Dislikes: being lectured, unoriginality, insincerity
Hobbies: photography, ballet, writing
Aspirations: To be a photojournalist/reporter for some kind of major newspaper.

Personality: Vanessa is charming and audacious; she's always smiling or smiling and laughing. She always knows what to say and when to say it, and rarely is her wit caught off guard. Yet, she is also very compassionate and dislikes seeing someone's pride torn down continually or viciously. After all, it's only fun until someone loses and eye! Vanessa is feminine to a point. She has a taste for luxury and style, and would never accept "second-rate." She is more than a little spoiled and can sometimes fly into a selfish temper tantrum if she doesn't get what she wants. She also has a refined sense of beauty and the aesthetic.

Appearance: Vanessa stands about 5'6" and has a willowy, slender build. Her hair is a shining ebony, layered and feathered stylishly, and falls unbound to her hips. Her long-lashed eyes are large and velvet black, flecked with silver as if mirroring the trembling stars of the night sky, and her complexion is lily-fair. Usually, she can be found wearing an ultra-girly combo of skirts and tank-tops or pastel summer dresses and only the latest fashion in shoes. She wears no make up. It's bad for your pores.

Life: Vanessa's father is a childrens' neurosurgeon and her mother is a nurse anesthetist. They are quite wealthy and live in a large comfortable home. Vanessa and her brother Jacob have everything that they ask for and more. In fact, for her 16th birthday, Vanessa's father gifted her with a candy-apple red 1967 Corvette Stingray. Thus, she drives whenever possible. She is also one of the more popular girls at Sunnygrove Highschool and is the photographer/humor editor for the school newspaper.

Fuku: The primary color of Sailor Urania's fuku is deep purple and the secondary color is lavender. Also, instead of a purple gem in her tiara, there is a purple, stylized butterfly.

Weaponry: Sailor Urania wields a great glaive called the Dreamweaver Glaive. It is a six-foot-tall polearm whose shaft is ebony, inscribed with intricately woven lettering that repeats, "Urania" throughout its length, and whose silver blade is wickedly sharp. The Dreamweaver Glaive is used only as a source of energy, not as an actual weapon.

Transformation: "Mystical Urania Dream...Make Up!" Sailor Urania begins by crossing her arms over her chest, head bowed, eyes closed, hands clenched into fists. As she shouts, "Make Up!" she flings her arms up into a V over her head, fingers outstretched as if holding something, face lifted towards them. The space between her hands glows with a brilliant purple light, and she holds it for a moment before placing it over her head like a crown, then letter her arms fall to her sides. Once the light touches her brow, it quickly envelops her entire body. Suddenly, the light coalesces into thousands of tiny lavender butterflies that flutter off of her body, leaving her clothed in her sailor fuku, the Dreamweaver Glaive gripped in her right hand.

Challenge: "Douse thyself in starlight and repent thy sins, else face thine own worst nightmare; for I am the mystical soldier of dreams, Sailor Urania!"

1. "Urania Nightmare Illusion!" - Sailor Urania crosses the Dreamweaver Glaive over her body and she hefts it high overhead, leaping into the air and spinning around once, her right leg bent at the knee so that her foot touches the knee of her left leg. She lands facing her opponent squarely, the Dreamweaver Glaive aimed at them. Deep purple energy spirals from the blade of the Dreamweaver Glaive, laced with streaks of lavender butterflies. When the energy strikes her opponent, it places the illusion in their mind that they are being attacked by their most feared nightmare. For weak opponents, the nightmare illusion is completely believed and injuries sustained while battling (or otherwise doing something about) their nightmare are real. Strong opponents are simply stunned and frightened for a few moments before they realize the illusion and recover from it, uninjured. Very strong opponents that can shrug the attack off completely or opponents that are somehow immune to the attack are usually just blinded or temporarily distracted by all the pretty colored lights.

2. "Urania Daydream Illusion!" - The attack sequence is very similar to "Urania Nightmare Illusion!" When the energy strikes her opponent, it places the illusion in their mind that they have reached their fondest aspiration and are supremely content. It is usually more successful than "Urania Nightmare Illusion!" but significantly less powerful. This attack serves as a method of distraction and does no damage whatsoever.

Strengths: Vanessa is very compassionate and good at giving advice. She also inspires compassion in others through her photographs and words. Her extrovertedness and flair for humor tend to make her well liked and popular, but she manages to remain practical and grounded.

Sailor Urania is good at exploiting an enemy's weakness once she finds it, whether that be through her nightmare/daydream powers or through a few witty phrases.

Weaknesses: Vanessa is quite spoiled and likes to get her way as often as she can. This leads to many conflicts between her and her friends, and when she loses, she tends to hold bitter grudges for weeks at a time. She's also deathly afraid of bees.

Sailor Urania is completely dependent on the Dreamweaver Glaive as her power source. Without it, she's just a girl in a sailor fuku. Thus, when in senshi form, she keeps it in her hands at all costs.

History: Vanessa lived all her life in Sunnygrove and was schooled by private tutors until she entered her freshman year at Sunnygrobe Highschool. Her tutors nourished her love of beauty and encouraged her to take up amateur photography. From them, she also learned the art and wit of words. Her favorite tutor, Ms. Dunmore (who she still keeps in touch with) brought out in her a love of poetry. She taught Vanessa that anything can be beautiful if you write it so. When Vanessa cannot be found out on kinder streets of Sunnygrove seeking beautiful things to photograph, she can be found in her room, sitting on her bed, writing furious prose and poetry.
Until she began her senior year in highschool, Vanessa's sleep was disturbed nightly by terrible prophetic dreams; images of her family being taken and cut apart, bit by bit, as she helplessly watched, frozen as some inanimate object. Her inability to protect her loved ones plagued her nightmares. Her first day as a senior, she was walking around with her camera at the back of the school looking for something to photograph. Bored, she kicked at an old dumpster and a rabid dog leapt out from behind it. In mortal terror, she was suddenly gripped with urge to shout, "Mystical Urania Dream...Make Up!" When she did, she suddenly found herself as Sailor Urania and used her Nightmare Illusion attack to drive off the rabid animal. That very night, the terrible prophetic dreams stopped and Vanessa slept peacefully. She doesn't know quite what to do with her new found powers, but from her dreams (which have completely stopped now; she has no prophetic visions whatsoever and the only ones she ever had were regarding only her family) and her transformation into Sailor Urania, she has an inkling that there's something evil out there that needs to be taught a lesson.

Note: Sailor Urania as a guardian Will o' the Wisp, whom she calls Will, that has told her all the history of Acheron and the Muses. Otherwise, it has no special abilities other than to float around her enemies and look distracting.